Our New Lunch Time Team!

We now have a fully functioning team of midday supervisors. 

Lynda, Tara, Kelly, Jenna and myself. We are working together to try to ensure all of the learners and all of the staff get a designated lunch break. 

Learners have been able to take part in various activities which gets them outside in the fresh air and staff now get a well earned break. 

The lunchtime team prepares all of the activities in advance which allows the learners to be able to just go outside and begin the activities straight away, if they wish to participate. 

Lunch time is split into 3 time zones 12:15-12:35, 12:35-12:55, 12:55-13:15. This allows smaller groups to eat, play and enjoy together. This is beneficial to the learners that do not like being in big groups and allows them to feel more relaxed and calm during their lunch time.

This is the first term we have tried this system and it appears to be going well, all new lunchtime staff have settled well and are making a difference to lunchtimes. 

We are aiming towards the Better Lunchtimes Kitemark to help us create an enjoyable, productive lunchtime.

Sarah Kennedy