Our vision and Mission Statement

Empowering Success Through Holistic and Individualised Learning 

Mission Statement

At ALP we believe that education can help every individual achieve their full potential no matter what their ability. It’s what we stand for at ALP and it’s why we are here. It’s this belief that drives us to be so passionate about the work we do with our learners and it is why our dynamic and bespoke approach works for so many disengaged and vulnerable young people. ALP Schools aims to create flexible, individualised programmes of learning support for children and young people who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to access mainstream education. From the point of referral, we focus on the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) of the learner and on family support, in order to provide the most effective and appropriate educational intervention.

Working closely with the Local Authorities,Behaviour Partnerships and local schools/academies we provide outcomes that are in accordance with the individual needs of each learner. We specialise in short, medium and long term education placements of young people with SEND including (but not limited to) Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Emotional Behavioural Difficulties, challenging behaviour and mental health difficulties.

Focus on improving each learner’s attendance level to ensure they give themselves the basis to achieve.
Tutors help learners to gain a routine that is adapted to pupils individual needs to ensure they feel comfortable in the educational environment.
Learners are assisted in developing sound relationships with tutors and other service users.
Working with learners and families in a holistic manner to maximize their life-chances and educational potential.
When a pupil feels more secure and understood.
A formal, academic curriculum takes place.