Occupational Therapy at ALP

My name is Laura Jones and I work as an Occupational Therapist at ALP Nuneaton.

Occupational Therapy provides support to learners to overcome any difficulties or barriers to them engaging in meaningful, daily activities. We look to address any difficulties the individual is facing in a collaborative, person centred and holistic way, which meets the needs of the person in a fun and engaging manner. These daily activities and goals include anything the learner, in collaboration with the people supporting them, wish to work on and develop. This may include the overarching goal of the ability to learn and concentrate in class more effectively as well as targeting specific activities/goals within the classroom environment such as engagement in specific academic learning, art or socialising with other students. 

More broadly, Occupational Therapy can support with daily tasks, including but not limited to, dressing, feeding, toileting, washing and handwriting. This may include assessment of a learners sensory processing difficulties and implementation of sensory diets/programmes to support the person to better engage in school and get the most out of their learning experience.