Speech and Language Therapist

At ALP Nuneaton we recognise how important it is to support our learners to communicate
as effectively as possible with others. Enabling a learner to reach their full potential in their
communication will positively impact on their learning, behaviour, relationships and most
importantly their wellbeing.

At ALP Nuneaton we can support learners who have difficulty in their understanding and use
of spoken language, speech sound production and fluency. Communication needs can also
include aspects that do not involve language, such as attention and listening, social
interaction, play and non-verbal communication. We embed Augmentative and Alternative
Communication (AAC) into the daily school routine alongside spoken language, to enable
more opportunities for communication. Some examples are Makaton signing, communication
books, Aided Language Displays, Now/next boards and Objects of Reference.

Jessica Harris is a Speech and Language Therapist employed by ALP Nuneaton since
September 2023; She is providing universal and specialist support to our learners. Jessica is
working with staff to ensure our school is a ‘Communication Friendly Environment,’ using
evidence-based approaches and resources to support each learner’s individual
communication needs.