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December 2023 Newsletter

Our December 2023 Newsletter is now available.

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National Memorial Arboretum Visit

Hyenas recently visited the National Memorial Arboretum. During this visit, our group had the opportunity to explore various memorials dedicated to different soldier groups from past wars. We engaged in discussions about the significance of certain posts for British soldiers and were deeply curious about the history of the wars and the soldiers involved. Lauren, […]

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Ofsted GOOD Celebration

Last week, ALP Schools Group celebrated the incredible milestone of achieving a GOOD Ofsted rating in each of their five schools. Each school began the day with an introductory video from Managing Director David Cowell, telling the story of how the company began and demonstrating how far each school has come in the company’s 17 […]

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Anti-bullying assembly with the police force

ALP Nuneaton recently hosted an impactful anti-bullying assembly with special guests from the Warwickshire Police force. They shared valuable insights on bullying, its various forms, and offered guidance on handling such situations. The engaging session included interactive activities arranged by the police. Additionally, students got an exciting chance to explore a police van, experience the […]

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Introducing Lily-Rose as our dedicated Anti-Bullying Ambassador!

Lily-Rose embodies kindness, care, and consideration towards her peers and teachers. As our Ambassador, she’s committed to making kindness visible in our school community. Her daily mission is to acknowledge and highlight acts of kindness among learners and staff.

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Shakespeare Schoolroom and Guildhall

Meerkats and Zebras recently stepped into history at the Shakespeare Schoolroom and Guildhall! They journeyed back in time to experience school life during William Shakespeare’s era, exploring the building and immersing themselves in the past. Sporting authentic old-fashioned attire, they sat at antique desks, wrote scrolls using quills and ink, and delved into various engaging […]

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ALP School Nuneaton Recognized with Anaphylaxis UK AllergyWise School 2023 Award

ALP School Nuneaton proudly announces its achievement in receiving the prestigious Anaphylaxis UK AllergyWise School 2023 award. This accolade recognizes the institution’s dedicated efforts towards fostering a safer environment for students with allergies. In a commendable display of commitment, the school has been acknowledged for its proactive measures in training staff, enhancing allergy awareness among […]

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Enterprise day

Three classes at ALP nuneaton took part in a curriculum day where they created their own items to sell such as tie dye shirts, bracelets,hair scrunchies, cakes, slime. Students were able to bring in their own money to purchase items students were selling. Students created enterprise day posters themselves on computers. All students in the […]

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Cadbury world

In class, Hyenas and Zebras have been reading ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ by Roald Dahl. We decided to take a trip to a real life chocolate factory to see how it worked!  We went to Cadbury World in Birmingham. First we visited the 4D cinema, and watched a short film about cocoa beans and […]

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Our New Lunch Time Team!

We now have a fully functioning team of midday supervisors.  Lynda, Tara, Kelly, Jenna and myself. We are working together to try to ensure all of the learners and all of the staff get a designated lunch break.  Learners have been able to take part in various activities which gets them outside in the fresh […]