ALP-aca day out!

On a freezing cold day in January, several of our learners enjoyed a day out to Charnwood Forest Alpacas. 

The boys had great fun trekking with alpacas, helping to groom donkeys and even cleaning out the pigs! 

This taster day is part of the CALMs (Cognitive ANIMAL Learning Methods) programme which begins with a 6 week programme known as APAD (alternative provision animal days). This programme starts each half term. Some of our learners will attend from 10am to 2pm once a week and work with each animal group such as: Alpacas, Horses, Sheep/Pigs, Goats/Chickens/Rabbits, Donkeys and Farmlife.

The APAD incorporates:

● Functional Skills English – i.e daily diary entries, worksheets

● Functional Skills Maths – i.e. measurements of food, weighing animals, field rotations

● Initial assessments and Evaluations

● In-house Certificates

● Communication and language development

● Personal, social and emotional development

● Science and History – origins, diet and welfare needs of each animals

● Sensory development

● Self awareness – understanding of how their actions affect the animals around them

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