“Off Balance” Dance Sessions Begin @ ALP

Hi, I am Alexis and I am the Co-director of Off Balance Dance. We are a Community Interest Company that work in a variety of settings across Coventry and Warwickshire.  Our ethos is all about finding ways for people to dance because we know the positive impact it can have on physical and mental well-being.

I started working at ALP with the Leopards and the Lion Cubs classes in December 2021

What dance sessions look like in the Leopards Lair

These sessions are all about communication and enjoyment through movement.  Quite often all the dancers are interested in different things at different times and that is fine as it allows intensive interaction to happen.  If someone is engaged with what we are doing, then that’s great but staff support each child in a way that allows the freedom of individual movement.  I am still getting to know dancers’ likes and personalities and this will take time.  At the moment we are using familiar music and introducing different movement activities to each track.  We have also been exploring movement using lycra material, which the children have enjoyed, both moving it or travelling on it, and also helping each other to move around the space too.  It has been lovely to witness moments of choice to engage with what is happening and to move together.  It is important that everything is noticed in these classes.  

What dance sessions look like in the lion cubs class

These sessions started as stand-alone workshops based on stories that the children were exploring in class.  Right from the get-go the children were fully engaged.  These classes soon developed because of the children.  We started working on a dance over several weeks.  I am proud of the way that this class have developed their dance skills over a very short period of time.  The children have worked hard, remembering sequences, and working together as a team.  They have also given me their ideas that we have incorporated into our choreography.  

I have seen the positive impact that dance has had on the students that I have been working with and I am looking forward to developing dance within the school.

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