Educational Offer

Curriculum for Primary Learners/Lower KS3

Our primary curriculum/lower KS3, is tailored around the needs of our pupils. Learners at ALP Nuneaton are offered a broad curriculum in line with their specific needs and attainment levels. The core subjects of English, Maths, Science and PSHE are taught using a variety of methods and where appropriate, incorporate individuals interests – often being taught discretely.  Learner progress is not monitored using dated linear measures, but rather with a focus on the ‘seven aspects of engagement’, which focuses on pupils skills and abilities around responsiveness, curiosity, discovery, anticipation, persistence, initiation and investigation. 

In line with this model and individual interests, learners also have access to a range of enrichment activities, practical subjects such as construction and art as well as gardening, cooking and sports.  Where appropriate learners are able to gain qualifications in these subjects, as well as benefiting from the therapeutic attributes associated with them.

At ALP Nuneaton we understand the diverse and ever changing needs of our pupils and are therefore prepared to differentiate the curriculum to suit each individual learner. Our skilled tutors and teachers work in collaboration with the senior management team to ensure that each pupil is receiving the most relevant foundation of essential knowledge and skills, enabling them to grow into well-educated citizens.

Curriculum for Secondary and Post 16 Learners

Our secondary/Post 16 learners are offered bespoke courses to suit the individual’s needs. Our curriculum is based around a model of foundation learning which ensures that all of our students have an element of Functional Skills, vocational learning and personal and social development within their timetables.

Functional Skills

These are essential skills needed for English, Maths and ICT which are vital for young people and adults to participate in life, learning and work.

Functional Skills feature in most educational and training choices. They are an essential, compulsory element in two main qualification routes for young people from 14 to 24, in apprenticeships and in the foundation learning tier, as well as being stand-alone qualifications in their own right at Entry Level (1-3), Level 1 and Level 2.

The development of Functional Skills is seen by the Government as essential to address employers’ concerns that young people and adults are not achieving a firm enough grounding in the basic education and life skills. At ALP Nuneaton we recognise that Functional Skills strengthen and bring consistency to learning routes.

Vocational Learning

Vocational learning is used to equip learners on their journey towards a particular trade or craft. Within the school environment we are able to deliver a variety of creative studies. We are also able to offer vocational qualifications in a variety of sport and leisure activities,, gardening, cookery, enterprise and occupational studies in construction and many more as we continue to grow. 

In addition, we have developed working relationships with local alternative education providers who deliver a wide variety of practical learning, thus enabling us to be flexible to the desires of the individual. In the past this has led to learners having opportunities in equine studies, mechanics and electronics, to name just a few. 

ALP Nuneaton is an approved NCFE/CACHE, Asdan, AQA and TLM registered centre which allows us to ensure that our learners work towards accredited qualifications in their vocational choices and other academic subjects such as science.

Personal and Social Development 

Our focus on Personal and Social Development (PSD) means we come up with imaginative ways of supporting young people in:

  • Becoming confident individuals who are physically, emotionally and socially healthy
  • Being responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society and embrace change
  • Managing risk together with their own wellbeing as well as introducing them to new activities and personal challenges.

Our Personal and Social Development can lead to young people receiving recognised accreditation at various key stages:

  • Key Steps – encourages learners aged between 10 and 14 to develop their personal skills and take responsibility for their own learning through engagement in citizenship based challenges.
  • Short Courses – provide a range of flexible programmes to accredit young people’s activities when aged between 13 and 19.
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold Personal Development Programmes – provide challenges over 13 modules of topics such as Sport, The Community, Technology and Healthy Living.
  • PSHE and PSD – to allow our learners to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and prepare for life and work in modern Britain