The creation of ALP Nuneaton is a very special moment for me personally and for the organisation. In 2004 I started my journey in alternative education and have enjoyed setting up new provisions that benefit the young people who are most in need of a suitable and flexible approach to learning that encourages them to engage. I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to set up a provision in my home town. I was born and raised in Nuneaton & Bedworth and therefore it gives me personal satisfaction to know that our school will be a valuable addition to the town by providing educational opportunities in the county for those most in need. 
For the company, this is the fourth school in our growing organisation. This will most certainly be our largest school, in terms of physical size and the number of learners we will have on our role. We will ensure that the space we have in the school is well utilised to provide new and exciting learning journey’s as well as delivering an effective core curriculum.  
I look forward to welcoming learners to our school, watching the facilities develop, and working with local authorities, schools, and community groups.